He lived my dream life!

Image“Since I have no faith in God, nor in the day of judgement, nor in reincarnation, I have to come to terms with the complete full stop.”

- Khushwant Singh (Author, journalist)

ImageIndian author and journalist Khushwant Singh breathed his last today, at 99.

He wrote several hugely successful books during his long writing career. I could easily say he was probably the most influential writer in my life. Not only was I drawn into writing a book by his perfectly scripted books, my life path itself has been much influenced by the thoughts he inadvertently popularized through his humour laden works.

I am yet to read his later works, The Good, The Bad and The Ridiculous and the Sunset Club, which I will in the coming weeks.

An editor who made popular the now defunct Illustrated Weekly of India and later the Hindustan Times, his column ‘With Malice Towards One and All’ was syndicated in many dailies.

Mr Singh was a Member of Parliament from 1980 to 1986.

Some of his popular books:

train to Pakistan

Company of women



Leave Ellen Alone: A Lesson in Misplaced Transphobia

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Comedienne, actress, host extraordinaire, and overall amazing human Ellen DeGeneres recently came under fire for a comment during her opening monologue at the 86th Annual Academy Awards, which aired Sunday, March 2nd. During her witty opening, which employed her signature wry-delivery and the pop culture-laden humor of her daily talk show stand-up routines, she referenced gay icon Liza Minnelli, daughter of Hollywood Legend Judy Garland, by saying, “Hello to the best Liza Minnelli impersonator I’ve ever seen!  Good job, sir.”  This spurned a barrage of internet-related hate, calling DeGeneres “transphobic” and “disrespectful.” Others denounced her status as a “lesbian icon,” saying that using drag queen humor is hateful and intolerant towards the trans community.

I don’t understand this.

Have we forgotten who Ellen DeGeneres is? Has the gay community forgotten what Ellen stands for, and how much she has done for positive exposure to gay culture? In The Age of…

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Wearing a Skirt Has Consequences: A Men’s Rights Redditor defends a man’s sacred right to take upskirt photos

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What about ‘upfront’ photos?

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Women: If you wear skirts here, some MRAs think you should be punished for it

Women: If you wear skirts here, some MRAs think you should be punished for it

So we, as a society, have “peeping tom” laws to protect people who might unknowingly expose themselves to the creepy peepers of, well, creepy peepers who get their thrills from seeing and sometimes photographing strangers revealing more than they meant to.

It would seem reasonable enough to consider surreptitiously taken “upskirt” photographs as violations of peeping tom laws. But not in Massachusetts: On Wednesday, the Supreme Judicial Court in that state ruled that upskirt photographs are legally ok, as the laws there are written to apply only to protect victims who are “partially nude,” not those who are merely wearing short skirts.

In the wake of the ruling, legislators and women’s rights advocates are saying that the laws — written before cell phone camera were ubiquitous –  need an update.

Naturally, this…

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Eating Humble Pie

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She made my day! ;)

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images I learnt something today!
Never criticise a woman driver.
Never also mock at one when she gets into a no entry zone, drives in two lanes at a time or applies make-up while negotiating traffic.
Why this change?
I was in the middle of old Muharraq when I got myself into a jam – literally. After going into a narrow lane and finding myself at a dead-end, not knowing what to do, I looked for help.
Knocked on a door and requested the abaya-clad woman who emerged to move her car so I could easily take mine out.
But that did not happen.
Instead, she got into my vehicle, a large SUV, reversed into the lane as if it were a knife slicing through butter and there I was, out of the woods!
And, all the time, she had a smile on her face and the look of someone in…

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Winners fixers?

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Awards and national titles have to be earned not with service to the world, but systematic lobbying and PR, which we all know. So, don’t feel bad about it; the winners are the BIGGEST LOSERS as far as real respect is concerned. UNSUNG heroes are the real ones. SALUTE.

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index I read with a fair bit of amusement today a leading Indian in Bahrain being honoured for “leadership”. A few weeks ago, there was another person who was similarly feted in India for “work among the downtrodden.”
I have lost count of how many such people regularly receive “honours” for having “excelled” in various fields, most commonly being philanthropists or “givers” to the community. What I do not, however, understand is how can these people “serve” the downtrodden, the less fortunate among us, the homeless, or the “park benchers” by sitting in air-conditioned offices, jet setting across the globe or setting up massive business empires. images Okay, I am not saying they should ignore their businesses and come on the streets but what I am saying is there are countless such selfless people who have done so much for the community. For example, there is this one gent who makes sure…

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Indian ‘masala’

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vlcsnap-2014-02-26-00h08m41s124vlcsnap-2014-02-26-01h23m55s206vlcsnap-2014-02-26-00h56m23s72The Bollywood Masala Orchestra performed in Bahrain yesterday. Though not one of the top-notch groups, the enthusiasm and energy of the dozen-odd performers was enough to entertain a select audience of senior government ministers, VIP’s and other guests at the imposing open air ‘auditorium’ of the Bahrain Fort.
Though all the songs and other acts centered around the traditions of Rajasthan state, the 90-minute programme did take us back to some of the well-known but rarely seen lifestyle of people in some parts of India.
The awesome fire ‘eating’ and the balancing acts, with one performer even dancing on a bed of nails or the very energetic dance by women in traditional clothing were a treat to watch and got the audience on its feet.
Not much happens in the name of entertainment in this country but when it does, it’s an occasion to go out and be part of…

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Proud mom

Yes, I am a proud mom. ImageMy son made his debut on the professional stage last week in Mumbai with ‘One Coin Please’. Sure, he had wanted to be an actor for a while now. Advaaith has been training for the acting career for the past five years. And as far as I can see, and as far as his mentors’ say, he will be ready for the big screen in a couple of years. But this entry into the theatre world was unexpected. 1960857_820839307931137_939024920_o He did well. More than that, he enjoyed the theatre experience. It is only the beginning of a long promising career, I know. Never mind the many setbacks an actor is bound to come across. I know, in the end, anyone with great talent and a stubborn determination has to succeed. Both being on his side, I wish him the best for his actor life. 1932738_821424477872620_705067743_o 1900744_820835197931548_993856414_o

When love is not enough…

Union Minister of India Shashi Tharoor’s wife of three years died a mysterious death, probably an anti-depressant drug overdose two days back. After a fairy tale wedding, where the couple appeared blissfully content and the entire world around them showering love and blessings, what went wrong in their beautiful world? Shashi Tharoor with Sunanda
Okay, we know she had minor health issues, and that she was suffering from anxiety attacks and depression, probably resultant of her illness, but more as an offshoot of being married to a celebrity husband, a desirable man, public figure.
Naturally insecurity hits the wife, especially when the husband entertains female friendships, call it intellectual companionship or emotional anchoring. This is in spite of the wife being extremely desirable and successful. That is how women are made, and some of us are more sensitive to apparent dangers like losing a cherished love life.
After listening to the journalist in question speak disrespectfully about Sunanda the other day, I can only imagine the utter distress she was in when she probably decided to call it quits. Such ambitious, self-centred people can only be home breakers.
SunandaI am most saddened about the fact that her son from another marriage has lost a mother he was surely closer than any other soul in this world. I only hope Tharoor quits politics and women companions for good and take responsibility to be the strongest support to Sunanda’s bereaved son for the rest of his life. That alone will allow her soul to rest in peace. 20140118161927
If he is the gentleman he appears to be and if he has a heart, this he will do. If not, he will never ever be happy or sane; not in this life.

Don’t know why, I am sad, heartbroken. May Almighty give her son Shiv strength to bear the pain, peace to move on and bring loads of love into his life, and soon.

Let Almighty also give Tharoor the wisdom and heart to see the poor child’s pain and loss and realise he is indeed responsible for this tragedy.

Soul mates

images (1)Do soul mates exist?
I believe they do. Image

Couples who are perfectly matched in temperament, who strongly resemble each another in attitudes or beliefs exist.

One may not be married to the soul mate (if it is someone from the opposite gender), when married in haste.
But one will meet one’s soul mate/mates sometime in life, souls that connect with instantly, effortlessly.

What if you are already in a committed relationship by the time you meet your match?
Simple. One don’t necessarily need to have a traditional ‘married’ relationship with the soul mate. One can share a platonic bond with the soul mate, while maintaining the existing committed relationship, provided the partner is taken into confidence, I believe.

So how does one know when the conscience keeper appears suddenly?  Image
One will, in spite of the many obvious differences, feel a strong connection, the heart will burst with joy, and mind will leap out and bond, in spite of many inhibitions. It is something like love, but without necessarily the physical attraction.

Will everyone feel that kind of attachment sometime in life? I think so. At least everyone should. If you are alive, you should somewhere in life meet that special someone. And if you are unattached when you meet that person, nothing like it.