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India’s Dharavi set to become a Kowloon

Sindhu S.:

Shocking reality… And we have reached Mars! God save the red planet.

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The mess that is Dharavi today


Children play on Kowloon rooftops


The concrete lump that was Kowloon


This is the centre of Dharavi

A couple of days ago, I read a book on Hong Kong’s famed Kowloon Walled City, which was pulled down to make way for a park in the late 1980’s. This after it became well-known as a hotbed for everything illegal, unlawful and undesirable. It was a haven for crime and criminals and both the then Hong Kong British administration as well as the Chinese had washed their hands off the ‘territory’ where around 50,000 people crammed into a cluster of ‘box’ apartments.
I cannot but help compare Kowloon with the now ‘world famous’ Dharavi slum in India’s commercial capital, Mumbai – the only difference being that while Kowloon was a clump of apartments, Dharavi spreads across the heart of Mumbai over several square kilometers.
As an…

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Age is just a number

Sindhu S.:

So very true.

Originally posted on Mindful Digressions:

AgingLast month, one of the Daily Prompts said “age is just a number” and then asked whether it’s a number I care about or ignore.

I responded to the prompt with a somewhat tongue-in-cheek post about the wonderfulness of senior discounts. Don’t get me wrong; senior discounts are great. But I avoided answering the question.

What I am finding out is that, while age may just be a number, it is also a label. It labels me as part of a group. I’m a Baby Boomer. I’m a Gen-Xer, a Gen-Yer, a Millennial, a Gen-whatever.

I’m a child. I’m a teenager. I’m an adolescent. I’m a young adult. I’m middle aged. I’m a senior citizen.

My age categorizes and classifies me as something. But is that really what I am? Is that all I am?

Okay, so based upon my age, I actually am a “senior citizen.” But what does…

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Each new video that Anita Sarkeesian posts is a sign that the bullies are losing

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Anita Sarkeesian, still standing

Anita Sarkeesian, still standing

On Monday, Anita Sarkeesian posted the latest installment of her Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games series on YouTube, a half-hour examination of the ways in which video game makers use sexualized violence against women as a cheap way to spice up their narratives and appeal to straight male gamers.

Her tone was measured, her analysis clear and logical and supported by dozens of clips from a wide assortment of games.

Late Tuesday night, this happened:

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Men’s Rights Redditors agree: “It was empathy not misogyny that kept women from having careers.”

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Girl totally protected from the harsh world of work by nice men.

Girl totally protected from the harsh world of work by nice men.

Once upon a time, you may recall, women were denied the right to vote, couldn’t own property, were prevented from having careers of their own. Well, it turns out that all of these pesky “restrictions” weren’t really restrictions at all! They were protections that men provided women out of the goodness of their hearts. Men protected women from the terrible burdens of voting and property-owning and so forth, because they just cared about women so much.

Or at least that’s what a lot of Men’s Rights Activists seem to think, judging from this highly edifying discussion in the Men’s Rights subreddit.

rogersmith25 325 points 1 day ago  As I read /r/mensrights[1] more and more, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that the primary female privilege is empathy.  If a woman or girl is hurt, people care. If women are kidnapped, there is international media attention. If women are killed, their deaths are highlighted. If there is a conflict between a man and a woman, then people will jump in to defend the woman. If women are under-represented in an area, people want to take action to make things "equal".  If a man is hurt, it's funny. If men are kidnapped, we hear silence. If men are killed, their deaths are glossed over. If there is a conflict between a man and a woman, people will attack the man. If men are under-represented in an area, the president will call it a "victory" (as he did regarding the female majority in colleges).  Basically, people are programmed to have more empathy for women than men. 200 years ago, that empathy manifested itself in keeping women safe from harm by having them stay home to raise the family rather than die on battlefields or toil in mines. It was empathy not misogyny that kept women from having careers. Present-day, work is safe in offices, so today we have campaigns for women to earn more money and yet have more "balanced" lives where they can both raise a family and earn an "equal" career and, in other words, "have it all".      permalink     save     report     give gold     reply  [–]sierranevadamike 82 points 23 hours ago  wow... as a history major, I never looked at the "repression" of women throughout history as empathy rather than misogyny. I NEVER considered this option..  blew my mind..  thank youDroppaMaPants 45 points 22 hours ago  Restricting women to vote, hold property, etc. etc. would be a downside to the bad old days - but women always had empathy as a benefit.  Now that the bad old days are behind us, women maintained their old privilege and now hold disproportionate sway over men because of it.


It wasn’t just sierranevadamike who was “blown away” by rogersmith25’s comment: the Men’s Rights mods were so impressed that they reposted it and pinned it as the top post in their subreddit.

Apparently every…

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Island CraP


Giant_Crab_by_TrendyDNASo, finally, the creepy gigantic CRAB that was supposedly stalking the Bahrain coastline turns out to be an ad agency’s teaser campaign, possibly for an amusement part or a crab STRUCTURE coming up in this (island) nation.

Journalists in Bahrain took the bait and were taken for a cheesy ride by the ad agency, who got all the publicity they wanted and more. Full length articles were published, sans any real probe. Some customary calls were made, and the clichéd “not available” for comment was attributed to the expert and the ad agency, who had the last laugh. Still journalist didn’t smell anything fishy!

A little close reading and the journalists would have noticed that the name of the “renowned Madagascan expert” professor Cigam Dnalsi, from the Marine Sealife Observation Centre (!!!) – who was being sent to investigate the claims – read ‘Island Magic’spelt backwards!

The news was prominently displayed, even with follow up stories, by all leading newspapers in Bahrain, and the unique “crab measuring up to 5m across” became a cheap publicity stunt, which defied all acceptable advertising practices and cardinal rules of journalism.

The mythical crabs that the advertising agency claimed to have been spotted weighed up to 50kg “about the same as the average 14-year-old boy” (ha ha).

Can’t believe this is what journalism has come to be in this part of the world! With anyone and everyone considered qualified to be a journalist, what else does one expect in terms of professionalism! RIP.

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Looking for Kanchen

Sindhu S.:

Heavenly dawn!

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The peaks are covered with a thick blanket of cloud


The blanket of cloud is beginning to lift


Some of the peaks are now visible


All the five ‘summits’ are now seen but the cloud cover is rapidly coming in again

No trip to Sikkim, it is said, is complete without the sighting of the Kanchenjunga mountain. And that was true with us a well.
But there was a problem. We had arrived in the tiny Himalayan state in North Eastern India in the first week of July when it is the monsoons – and when the skies are cloudy with moderate to heavy rain most of the time!
We had even booked into The Red Mud Chalet, a beautiful ‘resort’ on a hilltop at Bermiok in the state’s Western district, which boasted of one of the best views of the third highest mountain in the world.
Day One we…

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Why Rob?

robin-williams-quotes-1 (1)
Another death by depression. After a really celebrated life, why did Robbin Williams have to commit suicide? Could he not have used his celebrity status to help some noble cause, say children in need?

I know depression kills one’s reasoning first, and the delusion and loneliness it wraps around us in is unbearable. Having been there once, I also know, if you can really focus on someone who would benefit by you staying alive in those fleeting moments of clarity, death can be forever dumped into tomorrow.

Maybe someday soon I will write a book on beheading death.
As for now RIP Rob. But WHY?


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In good taste!

Sindhu S.:

The awesome ferns! Don’t they seem to say: What’s the hurry man, RELAX.

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20140718_080001 copy

Large ferns grow in the wild everywhere you go in the state

Though our week-long trip to Sikkim in North Eastern India was unique in many ways, what stuck me most was the organic vegetables and fruits produced in the state.
Sikkim, which was until 1975 an independent nation, will soon be declared a 100 per cent organic state and the use of chemical fertiliser and other add-ons in all forms banned. There is already a lot of awareness against their use and, if local people are to be believed, no one uses any chemicals anyway.
No wonder, then, freshly cooked vegetables are just different. They have a very soft and mellow taste and one where we can actually “feel” the flavours. It is a lot different from the plains where practically every vegetable and fruit available is laced with chemical fertilisers and preservatives.
Perhaps the rest of India will…

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